Oil Based Paints

In days gone by oil based paints were considered superior for almost all applications due to the low level of technology applied to water-based coatings. Oil-based paints were generally harder to apply than water-based paints, cleanup is more expensive and possibly messier although oil-based paints generally dried much harder than water-based paint and were usually capable of much higher gloss levels.

Spray Paint House

As a property owner considering to sell you may have been discouraged in recent times by the seeming downturn in property values which may prevent you from upgrading to a new or better home. Property markets cycle and there is not much is that can really be done other than wait for the next cycle where property prices may once again increase. Until the next boom comes around improving your home is a terrific way to help increase the value of your property in the market, when you do find prices make it viable to sell.

Spray Paint Guns

Spray painting is a process that uses devices called spray paint guns to atomise a stream of paint exuding the fluid nozzle and convey that paint onto the surface of the item to be painted. This is a short post discussing a few of the different types of paint spray guns available.

It is essential when spray painting to wear safety glasses, a face breathing mask to filter out harmful fumes and particles, protective gloves to protect the skin from chemicals and appropriate workwear to also protect the entire body from contact with potentially harmful solvents and paints.

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